Anytime I book a destination wedding I do a little happy dance. Obviously it’s awesome to go somewhere tropical in the middle of a New York City winter. But I also love the close bonds that I form with the couple, the wedding party and family over the days we spend together. The beauty of a destination wedding is it’s a small intimate affair and the wedding isn’t just an 8hr day, it’s a love fest weekend with all your favorite people! Angela and Michael are such lovely, generous people.¬†They were the ultimate hosts all weekend making sure everyone’s needs were taken care of. And ahem, can we talk about the resort for a moment? The Viceroy is THE resort in all of the Caribbean right now-I’ve never seen such relaxed luxury! It was organic modernism and yet everything was beyond beyond. If you ever have the opportunity to go-GO! Perfect for honeymoons;) Highlights from the wedding: The double rainbow, playing on the beach with the wedding party, surprise fireworks and of course the unexpected dip in the pool by Angela at the end of the night! Amazing and a week I’ll never forget. Thank you Angela and Michael for letting me be a part of your celebration and introducing me to the pristine island of Anguilla, I know I’ll be back someday…..


And check out this awesome video highlight by videographers husband and wife team Ryan and Brittany Rossman from Moetic. They’re as talented as they are fun!

I had to add a couple personal photos from the trip. Me on the beach hard at work and a little self portrait of me and the video crew from Moetic Films.

Then I extended my stay and moved to more humble lodgings;) I can’t say enough wonderful things about the family at The Ferry Boat Inn, they adopted me right away and I had a blast! Here are a couple snaps I took with my iphone. Thanks to Christian, Brenden, Andy and the rest of the gang-I will be back!

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  1. Hey Kelly!
    The time you spent with Angela and Michael looks amazing! Thanks for sharing the photos from the love fest!

  2. Ok, I have to be the first one to say it….but…

    Also, as a destination wedding bride, I can’t stress enough how cool it is to force a tropical vacation upon all your family and friends. Where they probably wouldn’t interact during the one day, local wedding…a week in the Caribbean guarantees the forming of connections. I highly recommend wedding celebrations lasting at least one week!

    • admin says:

      There is a really special vibe that washes over everyone at a destination wedding. Mix that with a few Pina Coladas on the beach and it’s a love high that lasts for days! (then there is the love hangover….but that’s an entry for another blog;)

  3. I totally agree that having a destination wedding can totally form a bond between your guests and even your wedding vendors! My wife and I had the chance to work along side Kelly at this wedding as the cinematographers, and it was such a great experience. We walked away feeling like we had made a whole new group of friends. Not only was it a beautiful wedding, but it was refreshing working a professional like Kelly. Beautiful photographs Kelly!

    • admin says:

      I’m just bummed you guys don’t live in NYC!! Let’s do another destination wedding together soon. I had soooo much fun with you guys. And your video is STUNNING!!! So impressed with your work. Very unique and cinematic. I watched it with Michael and Angela when they came to design their album and we were all getting choked up together. I love the way you cut it; you went with emotions instead of the linear, yet the story flowed. You’re gifted I’m tellin’ ya! And you can dance like a maniac! Two very important qualities;)

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