Client Testimonial Highlight Video

When clients come to pick up their photos we have a little viewing party. We'll have some wine and cheese, maybe even my famous oatmeal cookies and then watch the slideshow. They laugh, they cry-it's like they're reliving their wedding all over again. I always thought "I should film this"...well, I finally did. These videos show my client's first reactions to their wedding photos plus a little back story about how they met, their wedding day and what it was like working with Kelly Guenther Studio. They're short and fun I promise.

Arianna and Richard

"You never once interfered with whatever I happened to be feeling at that moment, and this is what I tell people was most divine about the photography for our wedding day is that it was organic. You allowed me the space to really show my true personality. And I've never ever, ever once been in a situation in my life where I felt that safe to be me."
- Arianna

Nicole and Eric

"I didn't really know much about I sent the first few photos to my dad who's been in journalism forever, he's always going through shots and things and he said "these are amazing photos, you can tell that this woman has a photojournalism background, how their shot...I'm telling you these are really amazing shots."
- Nicole

Mark and Sarah

"This is one of the most intimate moments in my life and I felt perfectly safe and comfortable and I think that's because we had a professional photographer there documenting it, not telling us "go hug your father" or "stop and dab your eyes". Everything was totally honest, it was 100% pure."
- Sarah